In some european countries limits have been set for total AOX discharges to water. This is not yet the case for the UK and therefore there is limited laboratory capacity available. However many process plants require this analysis for due diligence purposes etc. MSSL can assist with an accredited AOX analysis service using coulometric technology.

The analysis essentially comprises two stages. The first stage, which varies depending on the sample matrix, is the sample preparation which separates the inorganic from the organic halides. Secondly, the organic halides (OX) are then determined using a Behr coulometer analyser which combusts the prepared sample in a furnace with the resulted vapour analysed by electrochemical titration.


Water- TOX/AOX analysis

Analysis for TOX/AOX is performed to ref. Method BS EN ISO 9562:2004 using activated carbon filtration prior to microcoulometric analysis.

Limits of Detection………………. 10µg/ltr

Minimum of 300ml of sample required in glass or non-PVC container

Soils- TOX/Extractable Organic Halides (EOX) analysis 

Analysis for TOX is performed to ref. Method BS EN ISO 9562:2004 – for soil samples by microcoulometric analysis. EOX (extractable organic halogens) is determined by an initial extraction with hexane prior to the final microcoulometric analysis.

Limits of detection……………….. 0.1 mg/kg require

Minimum of 50 grams of soil sample required in glass container