In addition to the testing and analysis provided for RDF & SRF fuels, MSSL offers a similar service for Biomass fuels. This mainly covers testing of Grade 2 & 3 recycled wood as designated by WRAP.

All solid type fuels are subjected to similar sample preparation methods and to the same testing standards as per BS EN 14780. For more information go to our Waste Derived Fuels page.

Details of those tests can be found here.

Sample Preparation

To provide a power plant with information regarding how the fuel will behave on combustion, Marchwood also offers Ash Fusion & Major Component Analysis including: - 

Ash Fusion – Based on BS EN/14775

Initial Deformation Temperature

Softening Temperature (Spherical Temperature)   

Hemisphere Flow  Temperature

Fluid Temperature

Metal Oxides (Major Elements) based on BS EN ISO 16967

SiO2 , Al2O3 , Fe2O3 , TiO2 , CaO, MgO, Na2O , Mn3O4 , P2O5 & SO3

Ofgem Renewables Obligation: measuring fossil derived contamination within waste wood

This standard requires a manual separation process in order to to calculate how much contamination is contained in the sample. Contamination includes Plastics, Resin Binders and Paint & Varnish.