In addition to the testing and analysis provided for RDF & SRF fuels, MSSL offers a similar service for Biomass fuels. This mainly covers testing of Grade 2 & 3 recycled wood as designated by WRAP.

All solid type fuels are subjected to similar sample preparation methods and to the same testing standards as per BS EN 15359: 2011 – ‘Solid recovered fuels.

Details of those tests can be found here.

Sample Preparation

To provide a power plant with information regarding how the fuel will behave on combustion, Marchwood also offers Ash Fusion & Major Component Analysis including: - 

Ash Fusion – Based on BS EN/14775

Initial Deformation Temperature

Softening Temperature (Spherical Temperature)   

Hemisphere Flow  Temperature

Fluid Temperature

Metal Oxides (Major Elements) based on BS EN 15290

SiO2 , Al2O3 , Fe2O3 , TiO2 , CaO, MgO, Na2O , Mn3O4 , P2O5 & SO3

Ofgem Renewables Obligation: measuring fossil derived contamination within waste wood

This standard requires a manual separation process in order to to calculate how much contamination is contained in the sample. Contamination includes Plastics, Resin Binders and Paint & Varnish.